Leather jackets. Feel your spirits!

Motorcycle style leather jackets, handcrafted with top quality raw materials, are products with a high level of finishes and design. Jackets with original vintage and “cafe racer” style designs, the jackets combine functionality and character, are comfortable and resistant garments, ideal for lovers of motorcycles and for those who want to use pieces with character and personality. Klauer & Iannuzzi have a very clear philosophy when it comes to designing their clothes; freedom and creativity are the premises that guide the work of their designers. Vivid colors are used, with a careful combination that gives the garments a very powerful image that clearly expresses the creative process and the philosophy of the company, making the jackets a unique product.

Klauer & Iannuzzi redefines the classic motorcycle style leather jacket, establishing itself as the young company that revolutionizes an iconic garment. In an incessant search for perfection and detail, it offers their clients the value of a brand and a job well done.